Embrace affordable energy

Our team will work with you to improve the energy performance of your home, while ensuring all your family’s energy needs are met.  We’re passionate about providing durable, high performance all-of-house energy systems that give you a healthy, warm home - but are light on your bank balance, and on New Zealand’s beautiful environment. Whether you are building a new home, or want to make your existing house healthy and energy efficient, we can help.

Let’s talk about how we can make your home more energy efficient and cheaper to power.

We are experts at designing commercial and industrial energy solutions that deliver on the joint business goals of environmental responsibility and cost efficiency. We’ll work with you to identify the solution that will have the most impact on reducing your energy consumption; and we’ll present a tailored stand alone or integrated energy solution that shows how we can help your business generate hot water and electricity to most effectively offset costs.  

Talk to us on 0800 697 3639 about future-proofing your business’s energy demand.

From solar energy to hot water heat pumps, we have the alternative energy solution to improve your business efficiency, your lifestyle, and your bank balance!

*Hot Water heating represents on average 30% of a household's total energy cost. Source BRANZ