Commercial Hot Water Supply

A constant supply of affordable hot water

As a specialised air-water heat pump solution supplier, Energy Alternatives is in a market leading position and proud to introduce the latest innovation HPWH (Heat Pump Water Heating) technology for commercial and industrial applications in NZ.

Commercial water heating provides an economy of scale which allows energy efficient and renewable energy solutions to be more financially attractive than what is typically achievable in the residential sector. Successfully delivering on a commercial project, however, requires a detailed understanding of the how the performance of the systems is impacted by ever-changing environmental conditions. Understanding the fundamental drivers of performance of these technologies is key to the integration into a system which delivers the required energy service, and energy savings.

Energy Alternatives specializes in two separate technologies, which synergistically combine to produce exceptional energy savings and economic advantages.

At the core of Energy Alternatives is heat-pump water heating. Heat-pump technology has been used for many years to provide space heating throughout New Zealand. A more recent application of this technology is water heating. Heat-pump water heaters have only slowly gained market share in New Zealand, despite the Oceanic Climate being particularly well suited for the technology.

Energy Alternatives, in conjunction with our partners, is committed to developing the potential of heat-pump water heating technology in New Zealand. We recognize that the technology requires products which are application specific in their design, rather than a ‘one design suits all’ approach. This allows the performance of each unit to be optimized for the application, and a number of independently monitored systems across New Zealand is proving the performance and durability these systems.

The Aquarian heat pump Commercial Range offers ground breaking innovative multi-mode / multi function technology which provides higher operating efficiencies than other heat pump technologies and, in many applications, can deliver much faster return on your capital investment.

With capacity from 5 – 250KW, the Aquarian Commercial Range is ideally suited for most commercial and industrial water heating projects offering:

  • Water heating to 60°C for storage
  • Space heating at 45°C
  • Heat service HW at 45°C to meet peak load, functioning as an ‘instantaneous’ water heater, when storage tank is exhausted
  • Extends the storage capacity of a tank, through use of the single pass mode. Eg a 2000L tank at 60°C can be extended by 500L per hour with a 15kW system. This will meet the demand equivalent to a 3000L tank without the extra capital cost / storage losses. This is particularly useful where the demand has significant weekly or seasonal peaks, but the rest of the time is much lower.
  • Modular design
  • Quiet operation
  • No heat-exchanger plates, so fouling is not an issue

AQ 170L

AQ 250L

AQ 275L

Whats the difference with a conventional heat-pump water heating systems?

Most conventional systems are based on a high flow rate, low temperature rise across the heat-exchanger. Most typically, plate heat-exchangers are used, which provide good performance when new, but over time the small channels within the heat-exchanger fouls up, leading to a drop in unit efficiency. The high flow rates require large pumps, and large pipework, leading to expensive installations.

Energy Alternatives has taken a different approach. The heat-pump systems are designed to deliver the required water temperature continuously, whether it be 62 deg C for potable water, 55 deg C for radiator systems or 35-45 deg C for underfloor heating. By controlling the water flow rates through the system, a significant reduction in water flow rates can be achieved, which requires less pumping power, smaller pipe sizing, less storage capacity, and greater system efficiencies. Systems use either inverter or digital compressor technology depending on the application.


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