Energy Alternatives Pathway Approach

Pathway to reach Energy Independence

Appropriate for your needs today and into the future

The Energy Alternatives Pathway Approach gives you freedom to start where you are comfortable and build upon as your budget allows. We understand that living Off-Grid is not the best financial decision now-a-days however starting to become more energy resilient with the correct product approach is the first and major step.

Our integrated component selections will give you a faster return on your investment and also provide peace of mind with our EA warranty of product compatibility. You needn’t be concerned that today’s investment won’t be compatible with future products.

We guarantee you will have a system that will be reliable, with a low energy footprint which is fully optimized and adaptable to your future lifestyle needs and emerging technologies.

What main support will Energy Alternatives give?

As part of our whole of home solution we will also work with your design and build support team to ensure that appropriate consideration is given for immediate and future needs including. Architects, builders and homeowners are not always used to work with Solar Electricity, Hot Water Heat Pumps, Home Heating and Pool Heating products. Energy Alternatives will create a fluild team work with each building support team in order to asses and help evaluate every particular and unique considerations such as:

  1. Critical circuits in your home.
  2. Current & future backup energy storage options.
  3. Allowance for EV’s (electric cars).
  4. Additional generation, storage and management solutions in future as your circumstances change/ products become less expensive.

Each component and key area of your home/business energy use is monitored and critiqued, to give you the best outcome into the future.

What we will do with you:

  • Review plans
  • Understand your desired outcome
  • Work within your budget
  • Meet immediate needs
  • Achieve highest Return on Investment

Key considerations:


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