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Heat pump

The heart of your affordable home energy system

Energy Alternatives’ Aquarian range does the same job as a hot water cylinder or gas heating, but is 65% cheaper to run. With outstanding efficiency and superior energy output, the range is recommended as an energy-efficient hot water heating option by EnergyWise and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

You could lower your annual household CO2 emissions by 694kg -1364kg compared to a regular electric hot water cylinder!

Our Aquarian range integrates well with solar panels, is compatible with grid-connected, solar, and off-grid energy generation, making it a smart choice to future-proof your home in preparation for property market growth and demand for energy-efficient homes. Suitable for new builds or retrofitted in place of an existing hot water cylinder.

Aquarian heat pumps also have real-time controls so the unit can operate at the most efficient times for your household.


The stunning All-In-One (AIO) storage system is the latest in an advanced battery storage systems, available in AC-Coupled (alternating current) and Hybrid variants. Contained in one compact and stylish floor-mounted unit, the AIO delivers on power and performance.

The unit contains a high-voltage charge controller which is able to deliver up to 6kW of continuous charge and discharge. This creates a high-performance, high-efficiency All-In-One system with 10.4kW of storage capacity.


Charge/discharge efficiency of up to 97%.


Plug and play installation with built-in fuse protection.


EPS function for off-grid and emergency power.


Expand storage capacity. Up to 4 batteries can be installed in series.


Monitor the system remotely using a web portal or smartphone app.


Enhanced safety features using advanced hardware and software protection.

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