About community power sharing

How it Works

WE Share community members generate renewable solar energy from the sun and choose to share and or sell their excess power within their local community. The solar power is used to provide power to homes and businesses and in many cases, stored in battery systems for use at a later date or saved for emergencies when the grid goes down. (Blackouts) When members have excess power, it is sold to other WE Share members at 12c/unit and conversely, have the ability to purchase power if needed (and available) at the same low rate.

The “My generation” real-time power sharer app from the WE Share Solar Community on Waiheke.

The Pathway and Future ambitions

WE Share envisions that the community can develop the business case whereby a community owned and operated entity provides all the power required for the island through a customized business energy model of a Virtual Power Plant. (VPP) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_power_plant

Within an integrated and holistic business model approach, clean renewable energy can provide for a robust, resilient and cost effective energy future for the community through local generation, storage and management while protecting our environment.

For the present, we are taking small steps, one solar system at a time…….

We offer a wide range of affordable solar solutions for community power sharing – get in touch today!