Our Hero Product

Our Hero Product

The Aquarian heat pump water heater is not a normal hot water cylinder.


Back in 2010, we realized that solar water heating was not the answer to bring NZ into the renewables age and that solar electricity was the future path. We went on a search to find ways to make solar electricity a more affordable option for New Zealanders. At the same time, we needed to find a more efficient way to heat water and we did! Hot water historically has been 30% of the average New Zealand household’s energy bill.  We then co-created a product with our partners in 2011, that is made for New Zealand conditions and saves New Zealanders >65% of their hot water cost*.

The Aquarian All-in-One heat pump water heater was born!

By using modern technology, a heat pump, we could use the air temperature to help create heat inside an all in one heat pump water heater cylinder.  We kept the element inside so there was the ability to boost the water temperature if required and we made the unit smart, by building a 3 stage timer into the control panel.  This meant we not only saved money in heating water, we have given you control to operate the unit.  You can set the timer to operate only during the daytime, to take advantage of your own solar electricity generation.  You can set the timer so that the unit will not operate at night when the air temperature drops, so you can take advantage of the warmer air during the day.  You can set the timer to give the unit a boost before your daily shower routine.  Or you can leave it on auto mode and it will heat the water when you use the water.  We will help configure the Aquarian heat pump to match your needs when it is installed.

We believe this is the best solution for heating water on the market today.  Even though we created the Aquarian range of heat pump water heaters, we stand by the ethos that we provide a product agnostic solution that matches your need; if you require another water heating option, we will recommend it for you.

*based on a standard hot water cylinder with 4+ people in the home