Energy Alternatives was founded in 2006 as a company offering energy efficiency and renewable energy options for residential and commercial applications. We are a solutions-based company focussed upon assisting clients to achieve cost effective energy efficient, affordable healthy homes sustained by renewable energy technologies.

In 2010, after having researched different smart ways of heating water we realized that solar electricity was the future path to bring NZ into the renewables age. Afterwards, we intended to find ways to make solar electricity a more affordable option for New Zealanders. Hot water historically has been 30% of the average New Zealand household’s energy bill.  We then co-created a product with our partners in 2011, that is made for New Zealand conditions and saves New Zealanders >65% of their hot water cost*: Our Hero Product

While in some cases we tend to favor and recommend certain NZ proven products, in general we are not a product-driven organization and will source the most appropriate technologies which deliver best practice and deliver best value for individual customer needs.

We are partnered with many well established and reputable product providers and work actively with industry organizations to develop supply and installation best practice.

The success of Energy Alternatives is based upon a highly motivated desire to provide affordable and robust energy solutions which, through innovative, integrated and economy of scale offerings, enable our clients to achieve cost-effective solutions with the highest ROI achievable.

All products sourced through Energy Alternatives come with the assurance that the product is fit for purpose, of the highest quality, professionally engineered for its application and complies with all appropriate Codes and Standards.

Most of our sourced core products also come with additional external support from internationally established suppliers which carry extended warranties.