Dana Darwin
Founder of Energy Alternatives

Dana is a passionate advocate for clean energy technologies and integrating innovative energy efficiency products into tailored solutions for homes and businesses. Since 2005 he has been active in the NZ solar and renewable industry, having acting as business development officer to many of the largest solar companies. He is an active member of the Solar Association, serving as Acting CEO and currently as Business Development Officer, as well as being involved with the Association’s Customer Assurance Scheme.

One of his recent successful solar initiatives is the Warm Pools for Schools program, which has installed solar heating in school pools across the country. He also belongs to and supports several industry associations including SEANZ, NZ Green Building Council, SBN and is a Trainee Homestar Assessor.

Currently, he is based on Waiheke Island where he and his partner Liz are planning to build the first 10 Homestar building in NZ. This will be a demonstration project featuring some of the latest innovations in clean technology.

Steve Hanham

Working in the solar electricity field for the past 5 Years, Steve has a practical understanding of the real New Zealand electricity demand and generation requirement. Steve is committed to efficiency  – for New Zealand and for you.  He believes every  solar electricity system should be planned for your needs rather than maximum number of panels your roof will hold, putting you at the forefront, not sales targets.

Steve joined the Energy Alternatives team in 2016, when he found the core values and the focus on the customer’s outcome were in line with his own values. Living in Raglan, Steve has a minimal footprint on the environment with an approach to living that reflects Energy Alternatives position in the market.

Prior to entering the solar electricity market, Steve’s back ground in home audio and automation systems giving him a unique understanding on how appliances work – how much power they use, the ability to change the time of use through simple automated systems and how to reduce the energy usage when using smart appliances.

Always looking to improve and searching for better ways to get the desired outcome, Steve will work for you and utilize his experience and understanding to provide you with the best options available today, plus allow you to take advantage of the future technology as it arrives to market.

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Ben Vroom

Ben is a Dutch mechanical-electrical engineer and a 500 Ton ships Master who has been living on his 70 foot Lidgard ketch with his partner Ari Vanderschoot, until they arrived in New Zealand in 2020. When the couple discovered the friendly island of Waiheke, they decided to ‘swallow the anchor’ and move to shore.

In the Netherlands and Germany, Ben was working as project manager for Atama Solar Energy. In Portugal he started his own Solar company, gaining a lot of experience installing renewable energy solutions: Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Hydro and Integrated Under Floor Heating.

With his personal experience of life at sea, living with solar and wind generated energy, Ben will be able to find the most efficient system for your home and/or business.

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Victoria Franchi

Victoria is originally from Argentina, she arrived in NZ 10 years ago when she came for travel and fell in love with the country and decided to stay here with her husband which now they have a beautiful family.

With more than 5 years of experience in the solar electricity field, Victoria has developed strong collaboration and relationship management skills and a passion for providing a high and consistent level of service to key stakeholders to assist sales performance and achieve results.

Becoming a sales support specialist with extensive experience in project managing the end-to-end sales process, creating qualified sales opportunities, delivering profitable value and sales growth, having a strong sense of responsibility to ensure the job gets done on time and to a high standard.

Always proactive and efficient, Victoria ensures our customers receive exceptional service.