Embracing Affordable Energy

We have been helping New Zealanders to make energy savings for the past 14 years. Our professional team helps kiwis power their homes with solar electricity and aid businesses in becoming more energy efficient. Energy Alternatives source the most appropriate technologies to deliver best practice and best value for diverse needs.

We offer FREE consultancy to help you get started with solar power, energy storage or your heat pump water heating options – whether you are looking to upgrade your current system, or start from scratch on a new project.

Energy Alternatives was founded in 2006, providing energy efficiency and renewable energy options for residential and commercial applications. In 2010 we realised that solar electricity was the future for bringing NZ into the renewables age. At the same time, we needed to find a more efficient way to heat water and we did! We co-created a water heating product that saves New Zealander more than 65% of their current hot water cost – the heart of your affordable home energy system.

Today, we partner with many well-established and reputable product providers and work actively with industry organisations to develop supply and installation best practices.

The heart of your affordable home energy system


We use the air temperature to help create heat inside an all-in-one heat pump water heater cylinder.  We keep the element inside so there is the ability to boost the water temperature if required and we have made the unit smart, by building a 3-stage timer into the control panel.  This means we not only save money in heating water, but we have given you control to operate the unit.

Environmental Commitment


We believe in walking the talk! Our team works to demonstrate our commitment to the environment in as many ways as we can, as well as assisting our clients to become more environmentally responsible by providing cost-effective energy solutions which enable further investment in renewables and energy efficiency.

What do our clients say…

Great service and much appreciated. Thanks so much for your help.  There has been enough hot water for showers, and the thermal insulation on the unit is very good.  P.S. I am impressed by your follow up service with customers!

P. Catcheside

It’s good to have a local company that truly wants to make a positive difference.

B & M. Thom

We’ve been very happy with our Aquarian, the plumber tells me it was simple to install and the power didn’t need anything special as it was supplied with a simple plug. We have the unit inside and it just does it’s thing, we’ve never run out of hot water and the hot water power bill is lower than before.

J. Parkinson