Product Solutions

Product Solutions

Support from NZ’s Specialists in integrated home energy systems

Access to core product line

Energy Alternatives provides a unique integrated approach to home energy. We work with you and your clients from concept to commission of systems and provide you with a comprehensive and proven product line which addresses the majority of most home’s heating requirements.

Solar powered electricity (PV)

Specialized hybrid systems with proprietary design features. Find out about our innovative energy independence design pathway.

Hot water

Our own NZ designed stainless steel Aquarian all-in-One heat pump water heaters offer unbeatable value for home hot water due to their industry leading efficiency of operation and competitive cost.

Space heating

We offer underfloor hydronic heating with heat pump technology offset with appropriate solar system sizing. We are the only company in NZ who offers a hybrid “PV ready” heat pump designed and manufactured for this purpose.


Our home appliance and solar monitoring systems are second to none and remove all the guesswork for future upgrades and smart decision making for you with your clients participation.