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With the continued rise in energy prices and the ongoing improvements in solar systems with lower prices, the business case for solar has never been better. The NZ commercial solar boom is on!

Businesses with large daytime load profiles are, in many cases, an obvious choice when it comes to making the move to solar, quite often the monthly finance costs to install being equal or less to current monthly energy bills.

At Energy Alternatives, our primary commitment is to assist you or your business to become as energy efficient as possible, prior to recommending the most appropriate solar option. Whether a small business, commercial or industrial application there is a strong chance that you can become more energy-efficient and save yourself some money by going solar.

We work with you to assess your energy needs, goals, and your property details to determine the optimal approach to your investment. Our experienced professionals then create a plan that delivers maximum energy and optimal financial returns to set you on your way to becoming energy resilient and strengthening your bottom line.

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Commercial Power Generation Solutions

At Energy Alternatives we take pride in our extensive knowledge and experience in the solar industry. We provide in depth consultation and research prior to providing our recommendations for an optimized solar electricity system to meet your needs.

Whether your requirement is to offset your costs of diesel-powered generation in remote areas or farm, provide power for your school or community facility or simply to reduce your business bills, Energy Alternatives is pleased to offer a custom designed solar electric power generation solution which is fit for your purposes.

Once we have an in-depth understanding of your needs, we will work and negotiate with our selected solar manufacturer to customize the most appropriately sized system which will deliver the best return on your investment.

Durable, cost-effective, with verifiable return on investment

Durable, cost-effective, with verifiable return on investment. All our commercial PV systems must pass our rigorous “whole of life” analysis as well as be made up from components supplied from exclusively “Tier 1” manufacturers of panels that are internationally backed up with performance and manufacturer’s durability warranties. All of our panels have a minimum 25-year performance guarantee and a 10-year manufacturing warranty.

We will work with you to determine your best options to manage/reduce power usage whatever that may be, e.g., time of use controls, heat pump, integrated SWH, or other solutions. Whatever your needs or preference of technologies, you can depend on the team at Energy Alternatives to assist you to secure the most cost-effective and appropriate solution that matches your budget.

Featured installation: Waiheke High School

Energy Alternatives was pleased to have been selected as preferred installer of solar at Waiheke High School in 2023. The installed solar PV system has a total of 200 x 375W panels for a total of 75kWp which is powering a 100kW inverter in a grid-tied configuration.

We were pleased to provide our own sponsorship by increasing the original specifications from 68kWp with two separate inverters of 29.9kW and 20kW to 75kWp with a Huawei 100kW inverter so as to provide for cost effective future expansion of the system.

Upon researching the High Schools energy usage pattern, we also changed the specified design to install 60 panels on an east facing roof so as to address high morning load requirements. The sophisticate monitoring system indicates that this has been a successful modification to the original plan specified.

Testimonial from Rachael Wheeler, Waiheke High School:

Waiheke High School engaged Energy Alternatives to install a Solar System after a competitive tender evaluation involving a number of Solar companies. When we initially discussed the project with EA they recommended we conduct a Solar Study which recommended the optimum size our system should be. This allowed us to make an informed vendor decision as each party submitted a proposal based on the same system metrics. The Board approved the project due to the favourable financial, environmental benefits as well as the learning opportunities having a working Solar system in the school would provide. The system installed at the high school is a large system at 75kWp and 200 Solar panels. Energy Alternatives is a local Waiheke supplier which streamlined the installation process and also provides peace of mind should there be any issues where we need support. We are happy to recommend Dana and the team at Energy Alternatives and found them easy to deal with throughout the process and the contract pricing we signed was honoured. Thanks to all in the EA team for your support with this project which will be of benefit to our school for many years to come.

Racheal Wheeler

The commercial solar boom has started – don’t miss out!
Call now for a no obligation consultation!