Business Solutions

Becoming More Energy Efficient

At Energy Alternatives, our primary commitment is to assist you or your business to become as energy-efficient as possible, prior to recommending the most appropriate renewable energy solution.

In many cases, the benefits of an energy audit, and subsequent measures taken, can provide significant financial benefit towards your next step of installing renewable energy generation and heat pump technologies.  

Whether a small business, commercial or industrial application there is a strong chance that you can become more energy-efficient and save yourself some money.

We make sure that every product we sell delivers a significant return for you and for the environment. We work with you to assess your energy needs, your energy independence goals, investment budget, and the property details. Our experienced professionals then create a plan that delivers maximum energy and financial returns at every stage.

Commercial Hot Water Supply

A constant supply of affordable hot water.  As a specialised air-water heat pump solution supplier, Energy Alternatives is in a market-leading position and proud to introduce the latest innovation HPWH (Heat Pump Water Heating) technology for commercial and industrial applications in NZ. Get exceptional performance and energy savings.

Solar Electricity

Whether your requirement is to offset your costs of diesel-powered generation in remote areas or farm, provide power for your school or community facility or simply reduced your business bills, Energy Alternatives is pleased to offer a wide range of solar electric power generation solutions from our proven solar manufacturers.

Central Heating

Should you require a year-round heating solution or just prefer to have consistent pool temperatures at all times then a heat pump may be your preferred option. While operating costs are much greater than solar and life expectancy much less, a heat pump solution is still a much more cost-effective option than electric, coal or diesel. Underfloor hydronic heating is a smart integrated space heating solution.

Energy Storage

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What are you waiting for? Call us today for a free assessment of your energy needs and get started on your pathway to cheaper power bills and energy savings.