Commercial Energy Monitoring

Knowledge is power. How much energy do you use?

Energy Alternatives provides the most comprehensive monitoring solution available on the market today. These advanced, yet cost-effective systems allow remote access to system alerting functions in the case of servicing being required.

Whether you require load profiling of existing facilities, home or business appliance usage breakdowns, maintenance, contract support or other, we can provide a solution – call us now to discuss your energy monitoring requirements.


Enquire Now and Start Saving

The monitor connects wirelessly via WI-FI and within a short amount of time will provide you with a clear picture of the energy used by your business, facilities, or commercial site. This allows you to:

✓ Save power and money by managing appliance use

✓ Confirm if solar electricity generation is financially viable for you

✓ Provide data required for further upsizing of solar electricity

✓ Provide the data to accurately determine battery storage requirements

What are you waiting for? Call 0800 697 3639 today and start monitoring your energy use. We will be able to assess your energy needs and get started on your pathway to more economical solutions and energy savings.  

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