Community Solar Power

Energy Resiliency Challenges in NZ

At Energy Alternatives we strongly support the concept of distributed energy systems (DES) and in particular, those operating within community ownership and control. Currently the energy retail and distribution landscape are in a state of flux as regulators, retailers, and line companies all strive to understand the implications of renewable energy deployment across the nation and its effects upon the their current business models. Several communities, including Waiheke Island, are exploring ways to increase their energy resilience and security while almost all NZ retailers have some form of initiative or offering to entice those who wish to install solar.

There is a need for legislative changes to the Energy Act to allow individuals and community groups freedom to buy and sell energy amongst themselves within the emerging DES (solar power) marketplace. Some very large corporates, such as Blackrock, are positioning to enter the energy space here in NZ however communities have the option to create their own business models of energy supply and ownership. This allows communities the benefits of keeping the energy and monetary flows local and cost effective without the expensive costs of long-distance transmission.

These are some of the issues that drive these innovative community projects. Have a look at what WE Share is up to on the dropdown menu – we are happy to share what we have learned to date.

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