Heat Pump Water Heating

It’s The Age Of The Aquarian –  pay 65% less on your water heating

Aquarian hot water heat pumps are highly energy-efficient :

  • they move heat (traditional water heaters cost more because they generate heat)
  • around one-third of the power usage of a standard hot water cylinder
  •  much faster ROI (returns on your investment)
  •  energy from the ambient air temperature is used to heat water
  •  energy is stored in an insulated hot water cylinder – using the same technology as heat pump air conditioners -for energy efficiency even in low temperatures
  •  powered by electricity, either from the grid or your own solar or other energy source.
  • Aquarians are a perfect partner with your solar system as they can be programmed to heat during the day off your own generated power. (they only draw 700w!)

Get to Know Our Aquarian Range

Our Aquarian heat pump water heaters work hand in hand with solar electricity systems. They are highly efficient, with low energy requirements and provide excellent value.  Savings begin at 65% of the energy use of a conventional electric water heater. With real-time controls, the Aquarian unit can operate at the most energy-efficient times during solar power system operation and access inexpensive night rates.

Our most popular indoor All-in-One heat pump solution for most NZ homes.

The AQ250L is the only double ducted stainless steel All-in-One heat pump available in NZ and has proven itself to perform extremely well in a wide range of applications.

Our largest unit at 275L, the AQ275LE suits larger families and is very suited to replace any outdoor water heaters. It is a perfect option for those who wish to free up valuable indoor space during renovations.

Our 170L popular retrofit model. With external fan and only 560mm width, the AQ170L is the perfect retrofit option for older homes with smaller water cupboards.

Lower Household CO2 Emissions While Raising Energy Efficiency

✓ Energy Alternatives’ Aquarian range: 65% cheaper to run than standard water heating

✓ Easy integration with solar panels – acting as an energy storage “battery” (storing energy in form of hot water for use when you want it)

✓ Outstanding efficiency: one unit generates almost 3 times the energy it uses

✓ Either for new builds, or to retrofit (replace an existing hot water cylinder)

✓ Compatible with grid-connected, solar power and off-grid energy generation

Highlights of The Aquarian Range of Heat Pump Water Heaters

  • Developed by Energy Alternatives in 2010 to provide energy storage for solar PV while providing cheap and abundant hot water when you need it.
  • Exclusive New Zealand distributorship.
  • This is a cost-effective All-in-One system, combining compressor, tank and easy to use controls.
  • The ONLY double ducted All-in-One heat pumps available in NZ.
  • One unit can meet ALL your water-heating needs.
  • All Aquarians have an inner tank and outer shell made of Stainless Steel.
  • OurAquarian 170L Retrofit  suits most existing hot water cupboards.
  • Our Aquarian 250L indoor/sheltered outdoor suits most families.
  • Our Aquarian 275L is our outdoor model – perfect replacement for gas or to free up valuable indoor space.
  • The Aquarian control timer allows you heat water during cheapest night electricity rates
  • Our Aquarians carry a limited 6-year warranty on the heat pump and 10 years on the tank.
  • Easy to use controls allow you to maximise use of your solar generation to provide abundant hot water.

Future-proof your home.

Homebuyers want energy-efficient homes.

So, save now while investing in the future with our solutions.

Both EnergyWise and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment recommend hot water heat pumps.

In Europe, heat pump water heaters are widely used to heat water and save costs. International sales are growing around 20% per annum.

For solar integrated hot water, energy efficiency, and for alternative energy options, they are the best choice for your wallet.

Energy Alternatives – All-In-One heat pump water heating experts for 14 years. We offer FREE consultancy on the best options for your home – whether you are looking to upgrade your current system, start from scratch on a new project or transform your home to a solar compatible all electric home!