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We make it easy for you to make the smart choice

Your investment in affordable energy is only as good as the planning that goes into it.

We make sure that every product we sell delivers a significant return for you and for the environment. We work with you to assess your energy needs, your energy independence goals, investment budget, and the property details. Our experienced professionals then create a plan that delivers maximum energy and financial returns at every stage.

We work with homeowners and families for full new house builds, renovation projects, and retrofitted installations of energy efficient products, systems and solar power generation for existing homes.

Heat Pump Water Heating

Hot water heat pumps are a highly efficient method of water heating, as they only use electricity to move heat, rather than to generate it.  Hot water heat pumps are much more energy-efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters. They are 65% cheaper to run, reducing the cost of your hot water bills and providing quicker returns on your investment.

Solar Electricity

Solar panels use photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate clean energy for your home by converting sunlight to electricity in a solar power system.  We make it easy for you to get the best return at every stage for your solar power system – whether you’re avoiding thousands in grid-connection costs, wiring to future proof your home for later solar panel installation, or installing a whole-home energy-efficient system.

Energy Storage & Monitoring

Want to know what amount of energy each of your appliances is consuming? Energy Alternatives provides the most comprehensive monitoring solution available on the market today. These advanced, yet cost-effective systems allow remote access to the system alerting functions in the case of servicing being required.

Step by step – how we work with homeowners


Step One: Assess your energy needs

A full analysis of your energy needs, lifestyle, property details, and energy goals – whether you are looking for full energy independence, off the grid living, or simply to replace an inefficient hot water heater. This may include state of the art monitoring of your energy use, if appropriate.

Step Two: Specify the appropriate technology

Assessment of the technology that will deliver the best results for your needs – whether that is solar energy, a hot water heat pump, home heating, or an integrated approach for a truly efficient home will depend on your unique circumstances.

Our expert advisors can also recommend energy efficiency measures like design and lighting, and can work with your builder or architect to support energy efficient home design and building.

Step Three: Your pathway to energy freedom

Your personal pathway outlines the most effective options for you to achieve your energy efficiency, energy independence, and cost saving goals. This unique pathway approach sets out the steps required to reach your goals, with each step delivering you the maximum return for your investment. All our individual pathways are future-proofed so your system can grow with your needs and as new technology is introduced.

The steps in your pathway can be completed as one project, or in stages over time as your energy savings stack up and your investment budget allows. We also offer finance options for your initial investment, so you can start saving money on your power bills sooner.

Step Four: Installation, Guarantees and Service

Registered Master Electricians work with you, or your builder, architect, or project manager to install your new affordable energy system.

All our products have robust guarantees and we offer a full service programme, so you have complete peace of mind.

What are you waiting for? Call us today for a free assessment of your energy needs and get started on your pathway to cheaper power bills and energy savings.