Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring

Knowledge is power: how much energy do you use?

Energy Alternatives provides the latest in home appliance monitoring which will track all appliances’ energy use in your home.

Once connected, the monitor uses algorithms to analyze the flow of electrons into and out of the home. By teasing apart the patterns, it can automatically recognize many appliances and how much energy they’re using. With the mobile app, users can view the home’s energy snapshot and take note of devices that are hogging power or have been left on when they needn’t be. The app also presents detailed graphs of electrical usage to provide insights into daily and longer-term consumption patterns.

The monitor connects wirelessly via WI-FI and with in a short amount of time will provide you with a clear picture of your homes energy footprint which allows you to:

  1. Save power and money by managing appliance use
  2. Confirm if solar electricity generation is financially viable for you
  3. Provide data required for further upsizing of solar electricity
  4. Provide the data to accurately determine battery storage requirements

What are you waiting for? Call 0800 697 3639 today and start monitoring your home appliances to be able to understand your energy behaviors. We’ll be able to assess your energy needs and get started on your pathway to cheaper power bills and energy savings.