Green homes

Green homes

Green homes: A one stop shop for efficient home energy systems

Green homes rely on state of the art technology. Energy Alternatives supplies the latest in energy efficient technologies for off the grid green homes – and those who just want to save money on their power bill.

We offer a full range of hi-spec products for off the grid and grid-connected solar water heating, energy monitoring, generation and storage, hot water heat pump, PV solar technology, home heating, and pool heating.

Green homes and energy independence need our fast-track options for integrated energy efficient home systems.

Where to begin for green homes, cheaper power bills, or energy independence 

Our energy efficient homes pathway assesses your building project and lifestyle needs, and our expert advisors specify where you will get the most return – whether you’re looking for an energy efficient off the grid green home, or want to save money on your regular electricity bill.

Products for green homes

Green homes are cost effective to run, result in higher property values, and are environmentally ethical

Our product range embraces state of the art energy efficient home technology that is proven, compatible with existing off the grid and grid-connected systems, and won’t become quickly obsolete.

For new green home builds or energy-efficient home renovations, our products let you make a smart choice for return on investment, energy resilience, and energy independence, saving you money and setting you on an optional path to off-the-grid energy freedom.

We stay up to date with new technology so you can make smart choices for your green home build or energy efficient home renovation.

All our products have full warrantees and are installed by our registered Master Electricians who will work with your build project team.

Call us today for a free energy assessment on 0800 697 3639 to get your green home started.