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Heat Pump Water Heating.

Same outcome as standard home water heating, but 65% cheaper to run.

Energy Alternatives – home water heating experts for 14 years. We offer FREE consultancy on the best options for water heating in your home – whether you are looking to upgrade your current system, or start from scratch on a new project.




Let’s chat about your water heating requirements.  Save up to 65% with Energy Alternatives.

✓ Energy Alternatives’ Aquarian range. Does the same job as a hot water cylinder or gas heating, but 65% cheaper to run.

✓ Integrates well with solar panels – minimal need for energy storage.

✓ Future proof your home for the growth in demand for energy efficiency homes.

✓ Outstanding efficiency, generating nearly three times as much energy as they use.

✓ Suitable for new builds or retrofitted in place of an existing hot water cylinder.

✓ Compatible with grid-connected, solar power and off-grid energy generation

✓ Far more efficient and superior to hot water cylinders and gas water heating.

✓ Lower annual household CO2 emissions by 694kg -1364kg compared to a regular electric hot water cylinder.

✓ Recommended as an energy efficient hot water heating option by EnergyWise and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

✓ Aquarian heat pumps also have real-time controls so the unit can operate at the most efficient times for your household.

Heat pump water heating – what is it?

Hot water heat pumps are a highly efficient method of water heating, as they only use electricity to move heat, rather than to generate it.  Hot water heat pumps are much more energy efficient than traditional electric or gas water heaters, and provide quicker returns on your investment.

Heat pump water heaters use energy from the ambient air temperature to heat water which is stored in an insulated hot water cylinder. This is the same technology used in heat pump air conditioners and is efficient even in low temperatures.  While old technology solar hot water uses the sun’s heat, hot water heat pumps are powered by electricity, either from the grid or your own solar or other energy generation.

Designed to work hand in hand with solar electricity systems, the Aquarian heat pump water heaters provide excellent value, with high efficiency and low energy requirements, allowing a saving in energy use of at least 65% in a standard New Zealand home.

Hot water heap pumps are extremely efficient, using around one third of the power of a standard hot water cylinder.  Heat pump water heaters are a well established product in Europe, with international sales growing by around 20% per annum.  Heat pump hot water systems are the most efficient choice for solar hot water, and an excellent choice for energy efficiency and homes with alternative energy generation.



Let’s chat about your water heating requirements.  Save up to 65% with Energy Alternatives.

What are the downsides to hot water heat pumps?

There are no downsides to choosing a hot water heat pump.  Even at outside daily average temperatures as low as 6 degrees, a high quality hot water heat pump will still heat water efficiently and cheaply, providing immediate power bill savings, with full payback in as little as 2.5 years*.  This makes it significantly superior to solar hot water, with no requirement for aback up system.

Hot Water Heat Pump Cost and Return

Starting from $3,590 plus installation, an Aquarian heat pump water heater delivers the best product pay back for hot water heating in New Zealand* with savings on your water heating of at least 65% every month, and additional return from increased property values.

The Aquarian heat pump recommended by Energy Alternatives is a high quality stainless steel tank with 10 year tank and 6 year heat pump warranty, ensuring the longevity of your investment.

* When compared to a traditional electric water heater. ** Estimate based on a high water user or family of 6, installing an Aquarian System as part of a renovation or new build. Marginal Payback is calculated as the System Solution, minus the standard cost of an electric cylinder, parts and installation.

Hot Water Heat Pump Options

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributor of the exceptional Aquarian range of heat pump water heaters, with options to meet your individual lifestyle, energy, property, and budget requirements.

Our Aquarian Hot heat pump water heaters are all-in-one water heating systems. Aquarians can be installed into your new home or in many homes they can be retrofitted to replace your existing electric hot water heater. All-in-one units have the compressor and tank together and the whole Aquarian 170L Retrofit can be installed into most existing hot water cylinder cupboards.

All our heat pump hot water cylinders have timer options to benefit from night rate electricity, day time solar generation, or automatic control to most efficiently meet your household’s hot water demands, whether you are off-grid or need to maximise your own solar generation.

Is a Hot Water Heat pump right for me?

If you live in New Zealand and would like to save up to 65% on your water heating costs, a hot water heat pump is a smart choice for you.




AQ 170L

AQ 250LE

AQ 275L

For a free consultation to find out what system is best for your power saving goals, and how to maximise the return on your hot water heat pump, call us on 0800 697 3639 or email us at info@energyalternatives.co.nz.


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Let’s chat about your water heating requirements.  Save up to 65% with Energy Alternatives.