Our Commitment To The Environment

Environmentally Responsible & Efficient Energy Solutions

We believe in walking the talk! Our team at Energy Alternatives work to demonstrate our commitment to the environment in as many ways as we can, as well as assisting our clients to become more environmentally responsible by providing cost effective energy solutions which enables further investment in renewables and energy efficiency.

Our Environmental Commitment:

  • Energy Alternatives uses high quality, high durability, long-life products (such as stainless steel hot water heat pump tanks and 25-year solar electricity panel warranties). We aim to ‘sell good stuff that will go the distance’. · Wherever possible we offer ethically sourced, sustainably managed products with the highest percentage of renewable energy.
  • We are supporting members of the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand
  • We employ low carbon transport solutions where possible. Dana has upcycled his old 1980’s bike to an electric one for city trips and local client site visits, Steve drives a hybrid and we use public transport wherever possible.
  • We use technology such as Dropbox to allow paper-free movement of records from sales to installers. Our sales process is mostly paperless, including presentation and sales and purchase agreements – although paper brochures are available upon request
  • We employ a virtual office which minimizes paper use as well as transport. Two days a week or more, our staff work from home, and we are working to create a people focused culture with an interactive workspace and flexible hours
  • We are a member of Totally Locally Waiheke and work with similarly committed organizations and always seek to work with local organizations firstly.
  • Whenever possible we seek to align and support organizations that share our goals
  • We engage in office recycling (paper, plastics, and food/organic waste which we take home to compost)
  • In our personal lives, we strive to make a difference and our team are all avid organic gardeners!

Solar Energy

The team at Energy Alternatives are no holds barred, dead keen advocates and committed to the promotion of solar energy as the clean, mainstream energy source of the future. The first solar panel modules installed by EA’s founder in 1981 are still in operation today. While the industry holds its breath waiting for super energy storage devices (Super Batteries) we see no reason not to go hard to offset as much energy consumption as possible and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as we can.

We support and advocate for the installation of all quality manufactured and warranted solar product systems that are professionally designed and appropriately applied, whether PV (Photovoltaic) for electricity generation, Solar thermal (Evacuated tubes and flat plate) and low cost Unglazed solar panels for low-temperature requirements.

Why Choose Solar?

  • There is enough sunlight that falls on the Earth’s surface every hour to meet the overall world energy demand for an entire year!
  • 99.99% of all solar energy remains untapped.
  • Solar energy is the main source of clean energy for all of earth’s life forms.
  • 4% of the world’s desert area with photovoltaics could supply the equivalent of all the world’s electricity.
  • Although a small amount of pollution can be created when solar panels are manufactured, transported and installed, it’s nothing compared to the larger amounts of pollution created in processing and using fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

Proudly SEANZ accredited


Energy Alternatives Waiheke is also a proud Member in Good Standing of the Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand (SEANZ) and Sponsor of their energy initiatives.

SEANZ is an independent organisation fronting NZ’s energy independence visions and goals, by establishing and maintaining the platforms on which the technology, stakeholders, legislation, policy, events and standards operate.

By representing all stakeholders from business to end-users of solar-solutions, energy-management systems, self-generation tools and demand management, SEANZ ensures consumers only deal with trusted, reputable providers, with every member bound by the SEANZ Code of Conduct.

SEANZ members are strongly recommended for all consumers when looking for sustainable energy providers.