Solar Electricity

Harness The Sun’s Free Energy

Solar panels use photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate clean energy for your home by converting sunlight to electricity in a solar power system. Solar panels are easy to install on new builds and renovations on rural and urban properties.

✓ Use an abundant energy source which is free, non-polluting, and renewable.

✓ Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels generate electricity with no noise or emissions.

✓ Generate energy for your solar power system for at least 25 years.

Home solar power planning

We make it easy for you to get the best return at every stage for your solar power system – whether you are avoiding thousands in grid-connection costs, wiring to future-proof your home for later solar panel installation, or installing a whole-home energy efficient system.

Getting the maximum return from your solar power system investment requires an expert touch.  We will undertake a free no-obligation assessment of your property details, site plan, energy needs and goals, and specify, supply, and install a solar power system that is perfect for you and your property.

Solar panel technology advancement

Having your own solar power system is more cost-effective than ever before. Technological advancements have eliminated the pitfalls of first-generation solar power technology, with faster payback times, seamless integration with other energy sources and forward compatibility, meaning your photovoltaic solar panels will complement future technologies.

A unique solar solution

Our designers will assess your home to design the perfect system for your situation.  We recommend the number and type of solar panels you will need based on either precise monitoring of the energy consumption of your home, or if that is not possible, with an estimation based on data you provide and our expertise.  This includes allowing for heat pump water heating and daytime base loads and other energy uses specific to your home and family.

The solar electricity system is sized for maximum efficiency, based on location, angle of roof and its relation to North. We aim for ‘zero exporting’ – a system that uses all the power that is generated during the daytime, with the ability to add panels in future if your energy needs expand.


The stunning All-In-One (AIO) storage system is the latest in an advanced battery storage systems, available in AC-Coupled (alternating current) and Hybrid variants. Contained in one compact and stylish floor-mounted unit, the AIO delivers on power and performance.

The unit contains a high-voltage charge controller which is able to deliver up to 6kW of continuous charge and discharge. This creates a high-performance, high-efficiency All-In-One system with 10.4kW of storage capacity.


Charge/discharge efficiency of up to 97%.


Plug and play installation with built-in fuse protection.


EPS function for off-grid and emergency power.


Expand storage capacity. Up to 4 batteries can be installed in series.


Monitor the system remotely using a web portal or smartphone app.


Enhanced safety features using advanced hardware and software protection.

Start taking advantage of generating your own solar power right away – Contact Us for a free energy assessment or see our finance options for your solar panels or solar power system.