WE Share (Waiheke Energy Share)

Waiheke Energy Share (WE Share) is a grassroots community group whose intention is to plant the seed to develop a community owned and operated energy company based upon renewable generation. Leading by example, WE Share has partnered with energy retailer Our Energy https://www.ourenergy.co.nz/join (Scroll down to find Waiheke Energy Share) who provides the community with the ability to power share their solar generation both tracking its destination use and the ability to sell excess generation to family and friends as well as purchase from other members at an inexpensive rate. There is also a ‘gifting’ option for those solar generation systems who wish to support other families, community organisations or favourite charity. For more information on Our Energy: https://www.ourenergy.co.nz

Energy Alternatives is proud to be a supporter of this exciting initiative and has specifically sourced a wide range of products which are fit for purpose for Waiheke (and all) homes. There are lower investment ‘starter’ solar packages for smaller household users up to the state-of-the-art FoxESS All-In-One inverter / 10.4kW battery storage system which can deliver up to 6kW continuous and can handle 7.5kWp of solar panels. All FoxESS products are offered scalable thus allowing customers to add to their system as budget allows.

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Call now or send us and email info@energyalternatives.co.nz and one of our team will customize a system for you!

In order to make Solar Energy more accessible to the Waiheke Community, WE Share offers sponsorship of solar systems for those who wish to join WE Share and become part of the Waiheke Solar Community.