Commercial Central Heating

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

These systems are either flooded floor systems (no zone control) or zoned systems depending on the system specification. Using the latest injection technology, these systems operate under the very coldest conditions to be found in New Zealand. The premium zoned systems use inverter technology to maintain exceptional system performance under part-load conditions.

Hydronic radiator systems are increasingly being installed in businesses where highly efficient, draft-free heating is required.  Modern radiators are designed to work efficiently at a safe 55 deg C surface temperature.  Our systems use highly advanced inverter technology to maintain the home at a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Option 1:

  • 15 kW digital system. Single-phase.
  • Vertical discharge air-flow greatly reduces off-site noise pollution
  • Bronze BLDC pump to allow optimized pump flow rates for the installation.
  • Injection compressor technology
  • Designed and built for maximum durability
  • Thermoshell heat-exchanger – non-fouling in design.

Option 2:

  • 4 – 18 kW Inverter system. Single-phase.
  • Control based on temperature of return water
  • Increases the system capacity when the outside temperature is low and/or the floor is cold. The system adapts to the required heating demand.
  • Allows better integration with PV system output (can ramp up when solar pv generated electricity is available
  • Better ‘part load’ system performance for lower annual operating costs.
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